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The City Centre hosts the New London Architecture Learning programme helping to inspire the next generation about London's built environment, promote the huge range of careers available, and empower young people by giving them a voice in the future shape of their city. 

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Working with industry professionals we can provide a unique learning experience for schools that opens up the world of the built environment.

Our Schools programme is generously supported by The Sackler Trust. We offer model talks around the City of London's official architectural model, tours of the city and taught sessions linked to the National Curriculum. Our programme is also delivered at New London Architecture and we offer extracurricular workshops for young people. 

We encourage self-guided trips from schools to the City Gallery and City of London model. Entry during our normal opening hours is free but we ask schools to inform us they are coming in advance, letting us know the class size and year group.

We work with industry partners and student volunteers with expertise in Architecture, Urban Planning, Engineering and Construction who contribute to our programme through volunteering.

A full list of available talks and workshops is below. We also offer bespoke sessions in geography, history and creative writing on request. All of our sessions can be tailored to the specific needs of a class including SEN. 

We are also part of City Family Arts Network.

The Children’s University

The City Centre is a Learning Destination for The Childrens’ University  a national scheme to encourage children to explore their city. The Children's University (CU) Trust is a charitable trust that provides 5 to 14 year olds exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours. Children enrolled on CU can view the City of London model and get their passport stamped by our front of house team.  


Schools Workshops

Mondays and Fridays during term time

Free (subject to eligibility)*

Half Day: 10.30 - 12.30 or 13.15 - 15.15

Max class size 30 Students 

Sessions are subject to the availability of our space and teaching team. 

Booking Procedure

Please contact Hannah Askari our Learning Co-ordinator at least one month before you wish to visit. 


Eligibility Criteria

1. Your school must be a secondary state school in the Greater London area. 

2. At least 30% of pupils at your school must be eligible for Pupil Premium. Special schools do not need to meet the Pupil Premium requirement.

3. If you do not meet the criteria we will still endeavour to accommodate your group. Priority will be given to schools who meet the eligibility criteria first before bookings are opened up to other schools. 

4. Missed sessions are subject to a nominal fee if you cancel your booking less than one week before it is due to take place. 

Our venue is part of the Culture Mile Schools Visits Fund which means that eligible schools can apply to have any associated costs of their visit covers by this fund. 

Outreach and Bespoke Sessions

We are able to arrange any of our Built Environment Careers workshops to take place at your school as outreach and create additional bespoke visits based on the specific Learning needs of your class.

Please note that for schools outreach and bespoke visits we charge a fee of £120 + VAT

The London Curriculum

If you are KS2 or 3 teacher currently using The London Curriculum to inform your students about their city we can support your classroom teaching with tailored visits to the City of London model and taught sessions delivering the lesson plans you’re already using. Get in touch with our Learning team for more information. 



Model Talks and Tours

Model talks are a great addition to any day trip to the City. The model reveals a fascinating glimpse into the future of the London’s skyline and enables pupils to see a panorama of the City they can’t get at street level. We can accommodate groups of up to 30 pupils for 40 minute introductory talks. 

We can also arrange longer talks and tours of the City with one of our knowledgeable guides. 

We can help you to achieve the Gatsby Careers benchmarks for your pupils as our sessions involve meaningful encounters with professionals and links to careers in the curriculum.  

Art and Design

Digital Design Skills (KS2-5) 

Pupils will learn how to use the architectural design programme Sketch Up. They will get a demonstration alongside tuition in the basics of the programme. Set a brief they will work in pairs to create their own digital building designs before presenting their final ideas to the class.

Model Making Skills (KS3-5)  

Pupils will learn about the career of an architectural model maker and complete a design brief challenge. Working in groups they will create models using professional materials to visualise their own designs. 

Built Environment Careers Workshops

Careers in the Built Environment (KS3-5) 

Pupils visit The City Centre to introduce them to Built Environment Careers. From Architects to Engineers, Urban Planners to Landscape Architects many different people with different backgrounds, abilities, talents and interests help create our city, our places and our way of life. Working with professionals from across the industry pupils will take part in group challenges that extend their knowledge of the huge variety of roles available. 







I am an Architect (KS2 - 3) 

This insight morning is an opportunity for pupils in KS2 or 3 to get to grips with the who, what and why of architecture. Do architects just design pretty buildings? What does the daily life of an architect really look like? How does somebody become an architect? Do you have to be good at maths? These and many other questions will be answered by real architects in this workshop designed to give pupils their first taster of the discipline. Students will learn through hands-on creative participation and be inspired by the City of London model to complete their own group design challenge. 

So you want to be an Architect? (KS4 or 5) 

This workshop is an opportunity for pupils considering a career in architecture to meet architects working in the field The workshop will challenge students to extend their understanding of an architect's role and daily life. Pupils will work in groups to complete a design brief challenge inspired by the City of London model as well as having the chance to get their questions about study and career options answered by the professionals. 

Urban Planning in the City of London (KS4 or 5) 

How do you plan for new buildings in the City of London? With many regulations that govern where and what we build developers and architects work with urban planners to carefully and sensitively decide what they want to change and preserve, ensuring that new buildings are in keeping with historic architecture and that we build for the future while protecting the past. Working with professionals from the City of London Corporation pupils will gain an insight to the discipline of urban planning. 

Engineering Tall Buildings: STEM Challenge (KS3-5)

The recent annual NLA London Tall Buildings Survey shows there are 500+ new skyscrapers planned for our city. This has a huge impact on the way areas in London look, feel and are used. This is an introductory workshop to the daily challenges of engineers working on tall buildings in London. Through hands-on STEM challenges students will gain an understanding of the role of tall buildings in regeneration as well as learning about the construction and engineering innovations that allow us to build them.



The City Centre is managed by New London Architecture on behalf of the City of London Corporation

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